Arrow 4-Cycle Kart

The MJDrive racing team can build you a world class racing kart utilizing the best in chassis, engine and construction methods generally reserved for pro level drivers. If you are just getting into the sport and want a great package to get started on that will offer great reliability and an enjoyable kart driving experience then an Arrow 4-cycle kart is for you. If you are an experienced racer or running on road courses and are ready for the same 100+ mph performance that Michael Johnson uses when he races, then an MJDrive edition Arrow 125 shifter kart is for you.

Arrow 4-Cycle Racing Kart - $4,500

Chassis: Arrow 4s
Engine: 200cc 4-cycle Honda ‘Clone’ engine
Transmission: Single speed with centrifugal clutch
Tires: MG Yellow (Medium)
Axle: 40mm
Data Acquisition: Not Equipped (Optional)
Top Speed: 55 miles per hour
Cornering Forces: 2.4 G’s

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Arrow 4s 4-Cycle Chassis

Arrow 4s 4-Cycle Kart features:

  • 30mm diameter main rails/32mm diameter cross rails,
    stress relieved chrome moly tubing main chassis structure
  • 104cm wheelbase
  • 40mm axle supported by two bearings
  • Arrow’s unique full-height one-piece machined billet alloy bearing flanges
  • 3 rear axle ride height settings
  • Radially ventilated 18mm wide rear brake disc
  • Black anodised machined billet alloy 2-spot brake caliper
  • Black anodised machined billet alloy brake master cylinder
  • Carbon fibre laminate floortray
  • Optional adjustable/removable torsion bar
  • Optional adjustable/removable rear torsion bar
  • Machined billet alloy sprocket hub and brake disc hub
  • 90mm long machined billet alloy rear wheel hubs
  • Arrow’s unique self-centering seat washers
  • Stiff high tensile steel front stub axles
  • 10mm precision ground king-pin bolt
  • Adjustable camber/caster and front ride height
  • Arrow’s unique self-centering king-pin spacer
  • Adjustable Ackerman
  • Machined alloy steering rods
  • All aluminium components anodised gunmetal
  • Left and right hand seat stays
  • 9-litre removable fuel tank
  • Arrow embriodered black-spoked flat top suede steering wheel with ‘carbon-fibre-look’ top
  • Arrow’s unique steering bush with clamp for easy
    wheel alignment
  • Unique Arrow CIK homologated black bodywork
  • ‘Lucent’ Arrow graphics kit
  • Arrow one-piece silver/black machined alloy 3-spoke wheels:
    Front 120mm (4.7") wide x 5" diameter;
    Rear 180mm (7") wide x 5" diameter
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